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Edson Machinery has a range of new and used stock machines.

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Iron Core Welding...

Welding and core stacking equipment is a cost affective method of laminating volume transformers. A wide variety of equipment is available from fully automatic to semi-automatic machines. IWT manufacture 2 types of PC controlled welding systems for welding the 'E' & 'I' cores on transformers. Both are capable of welding the base plates if required complete with "Cold Wire Feed" for use with silicon coated laminations.TKSM pic

The TKSM100 (pictured) is a very flexible machine capable of welding laminations from EI 54 to EI 174. Change over takes no more than 4 minutes. The TKSM 100 uses a single adjustable tool to hold the transformer, eliminating the need for expensive tooling costs when welding various sizes. The TKSM300 can weld lamination sizes from EI 30 to EI240 and stack heights 5mm to 150mm. Capable of welding 2 seams and incorporates a 180° rotating turret.



Automatic Iron Core Insertion...

KSTA machine pic
The benefit of ready-core laminations are that they require no welding or bonding allowing the production of 4000 - 6000 transformers every 8 hours. The KSTA machine produces a laminated transformer during in a 4 second cycle.
The IWT KSTA automatic core insertion machine is applicable for ready-core laminations EE, EI, M UI and can be changed over to a different size in 10 minutes maximum.

ready core example pic2 ready core example pic1