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Edson Machinery has a range of new and used stock machines.

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Vacuum Impregnation & Resin Casting...

Everwhere throughout the world where electrical parts have to be cast and impregnated with the maximum precision and greatest economic efficiency, Verfahrenstechnik Hübers is rated as one of the leading names. Verfahrenstechnik Hübers continues to be one of the principal pioneers in resin casting technology and a world leader in this market.resin potted boxes -1

Verfahrenstechnik Hübers resin casting machines are unparalleled in terms of their many patented details. the matched interplay of their integral parts - from the component preparation, mixing and metering technics, via the special degassing, process control and process regulating systems, through to the modular, maintenance-friendly design - guarantees the tightest manufacturing tolerances and highest quality of the products cast on them.resin potted boxes -1

•Casting and impregnating.

•Atmospheric pressure, vacuum, vacuum-pressure and pressure-gelation.

•Single and multi-component systems.

Please visit the Verfahrenstechnik Hübers website for full details of products a specifications.