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Edson Machinery has a range of new and used stock machines.

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Soldering Machines & Wire Connectivity...

Marsilli manufacture a soldering machine with a rotating table (4 positions), developed specifically to perform the following operations: manual loading/unloading , fluxing, soldering, selection test.
The tools can hold one or two parts, be stationary or rotating. Its flexibility allows it to comply with all production requirements connected to finishing processes.fnt3 solder mc pic

• 180° tooling rotation
• Tooling holding 1 or 2 coils per station
• Fluxing unit
• Flux feeding device, with automatic density control
• Solder pump unit, with 1 or 2 nozzles
• Stationary solder unit
• Stationary unit solder tooling, with specific ladles, with
- pneumatic vertical movement
• Continuity or resistance electric test unit
• Automatic reject unloading
• Personal Computer

Marsilli also specialise in a wide range of other types of wire connectivity and joining such as :-

Micro Resistance welding | Pulsed micro-Arc welding | metal's LASER welding | ultrasonic welding
Hot blade welding | Polymer's LASER welding | Adhesive bonding

polylaser picresistance welding picunltrasonic welding piclaser soldering pic

To see more information on these joining techniques please visit the Marsilli website.